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Learning Arabic, Reinvented.

Immerse yourself into the universe of the Arabic language. Learn how to read and write in under 30 days and communicate with native speakers. Browse our Classes or learn more.

Secular Arabic Education

At Arabic ABC, we believe in secular education. Our philosophy is different from most Arabic language schools around the world. We believe that, while a new student is learning a new language, the focus should be on learning its morphology, logic, and history before learning certain components of its culture.

Some of our benefits

Why join one of our classes?

Your own pace

We know you’re busy so we made our program very flexible.

100% remote

No need to drive anywhere. Learn from the comfort of your home, office, or car!

Games & Quizzes

Interactive games and quizzes to help you learn and evualuate your progress.


Secure payments, live sessions, and more.

Friendly teachers

Enjoy working with one of our friendly and highly-experienced teachers.


Finish your course and earn a beautiful certificate of achievement.

Join for a Free introductory lesson. It’s on us!


What my students say

What a fantastic program! It enabled me to learn all the basics of reading and writing in less than three weeks!


I recommend Arabic ABC to anyone who’s serious about learning what’s needed before traveling to any Arab speaking country.