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About us


We’re Dedicated & Passionate

Arabic ABC is a partner of the Arab University and a division of Mokhtar Group, Inc., a US-based corporation operating worldwide.

We’ve been teaching Arabic for over 20 years. Our purpose in doing this isn’t to make a profit but to provide opportunities for both our hard-working tutors and our students and emphasize the value of human beings by bridging our cultures, and fighting stereotypes, racism, and ideological and religious radicalism (yes, we are secular humanists).

Our system is unique and innovative, instead of focusing on theories, we focus on four points: 

1. Bottom line: enable you to read and write Arabic in 30 days if you are a beginner and show you the shortcuts to mastering the language if you’re a mid or advanced-level learner.

2. Focus: customize your class to your very specific needs.

4. Affordable: we guarantee the best value. $100 for 4 hours of tutoring and fantastic materials and bonuses (over $100 value).

3. Freedom: Unlike other tutoring companies, with Arabic ABC, you are in total control of how long your class should last. No long-term “contracts”, always pay as you go!