The Arabic learning system that will teach you how to read and write Arabic in 30 days!

At the end of these 30 days, you will:


  • Be able to recognize any Arabic letter
  • Master all the short and long Arabic vowels
  • Master glottal stops, unfamiliar sounds, and all the "tricky stuff"
  • Be able to read and write ANY Arabic word
  • Save considerable amounts of money and time. We'll get you there in 30 days!
  • Get one of our "Thank You" bonuses for FREE (e.g. your name drawn by a professional Arabic calligrapher, a tattoo design, an Arabic logo design, and more!)
  • Get a certificate of achievement from our partner: the Arab University!



Our classes:


  • Our classed take place in a weekly basis and are 100% Online via Adobe Connect (you don't need to install anything)
  • Our teachers are all highly qualified, experienced, friendly, patient, and bilingual
  • Syllabus and learning materials are provided at no extra cost



Who we are:


  • Arabic ABC is a partner of the Arab University and a division of Mokhtar Group, a company based in Los Angeles, California
  • We've been teaching Arabic for over 20 years
  • Our system is very unique and innovative, instead of focusing on theories, we focus on one thing: make you able to read and write Arabic in 30 days. If you're seeking Grammar or other classes, we can refer you to several of our partners.

The Arabic ABC's system is very unique and results are 100% guaranteed, always!

We always invest in cutting edge technologies to make learning Arabic fun and engaging!

Who is this system for?

For Tourists

For Business & Jobs

For Journalism & Media

Traveling to an Arab country but you're concerned with language barriers? Learn how to read signs, menus, money, and much more!

Learn Arabic and show it on your resume to get that highly paid job or learn it so you can close that business deal much faster..

Whether you're a journalist trying to report from the Middle East or North Africa, or in the film/documentary business, this class is for you.

For Politics & Diplomacy

For Religion

For Love!

The Middle East and North African regions have a lot of political events. This class will help you keep up with the current events..

Whether you're learning a new religion or trying to teach your religion, this class is perfect for you if you're trying to connect with Arabs.

Nothing will make your Arab girlfriend, boyfriend, or spouse happier than to  surprise them with your new Arabic skills.. Absolutely nothing!

For Children

For Education

For No Reason!

Kids are quick learners, especially when it comes to languages, and we know how to make their learning experience very engaging and fun!

This class is for you if you're taking an Arabic class somewhere else and would like to accelerate things and surprise your teacher and colleagues..

Sometimes we don't have to learn a new language for any specific reason but just because it's a really fun and interesting thing to do, right?

Let's start with a FREE trial!









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